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Like I should be offering any specials at all coming off +459 UNITS of Profits after Juice just since February, but I figured if I’m going to offer any deals at all… it should be to attract customers smart enough to realize that sports investing is a long term proposition. So last Wednesday I asked you to “have yourself committed” with me. Give me three months to “show you the money” and I’ll reduce your monthly rate by a hundred bucks each of those three months. Got a bunch of new clients out of it, and boy are they happy they jumped aboard.

This never ending winning run we’re on continued unabated. We started them off by banging THREE OPEN ENDERS on Wednesday Night, their first night aboard. What a way to get things rolling and a huge confidence builder for the newbies! I’ve only ever had THREE OPEN ENDED ORDERS in one day maybe four or five times in 30 years, but more often than not we sweep them all as we did on Wednesday. Another winning day followed on Thursday. Friday brought another OPEN ENDER DROP which we hit as part of a 4-0 FULL FRANKENSTEIN ATTACK. Sadly we lost the BIG GAME HUNTER ALERT on Saturday by one lousy point, but rebounded mightily on Sunday with another Open Ended Cigar Game. So let’s look at the kind first week my sharpie “Commitment Deal” buyers had. OPEN ENDERS finished 4-1. All MONSTERS go 14-5 and a hundred dollar player picks up $3500 his first week aboard on a grand investment of $295… and that’s the first six days of thirty. My long term Private Investors have produced +459 UNITS of pure profit since February with my OPEN ENDERS at 24-10 YTD (71%) and my MONSTER GAMES hitting over 70% well. At just $100 per unit… that’s a windfall of 46K for an investment of less than 900 bucks paid out painlessly over three months. My High Roller clients? I can only imagine, The sky is the limit.  That’s what I mean by “returns you’ll never get from any bank.” And way more fun too. I’m here when you’re ready to get serious, just call 201-818-3028 and tell The Lovely Michele I’m ready to have Brian commit me! They don’t call me “The Human ATM” for no reason.


Well we battled hard… but couldn’t recover from a couple of lousy days on Tuesday and Wednesday, and suffered our first losing week in a long long time. The reason I have always made a point to tell you about the defeats along with the victories, is because it’s an important part of gaining that “winners mentality.” As painful as it seems, losing weeks are an important component of any winning program. Firstly, it teaches us that any game can lose, nobody wins all times and that there are no sure things. That why we bet within our means and not over our head, and it also shows us that we must always focus on the big picture, which has always been and will be Long Term Winning. Short term, yes we are coming off a rare losing week. Long term… we have crushed the books with +397 UNITS of profit after juice over the last three months. FRANKENSTEINS still hitting over 70% for 2014 and OPEN ENDERS at 25-13. That’s what successful Sports Investing is all about.


Baseball is off to a tremendous and fast start. We’ve hit twelve of fourteen (12-2) heading into Wednesday action, including a 6-0 across the board sweeps for Monday and Tuesday combined. If you’re not playing my baseball, you’re a “gambler” and not an investor. I used to be a huge fan, but ever since they started flashing obnoxious advertisements behind the catcher, I haven’t been able to enjoy watching baseball games anymore. That ruined it for me. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn down the free moneyBaseball + NBA Playoff Basketball = Huge Profits and with that +397 UNIT bankroll we’ve built up since February… we might as well go for the throat.
Remember, baseball is truly different. It’s the only game with no point-spread and no clock. All you have to do is win the game, and you only pay juice if you lose. Pitching is 70% of the game. It’s a Statistician’s dream and I’ve got the best “numbers guy” in the nation on my payroll, along with three of the most prolific baseball terrorists the world has ever seen. You can’t lose and won’t lose if you play hardball with me. I have an NBA PLAYOFF & BASEBALL PACKAGE available now that gets you all my MOVES through July at a hefty discount… or just commit yourself to following my winning program for three months, and I’ll take a $100 off my monthly memberships rates. You’ve got to be in it to win… so get “committed” at 201-818-3028 and let’s continue to bash your Bookie like a rented mule.

You’ll find Thursday Sports Service Consensus HERE this week. Saturday at 800-889-8083….and don’t forget to check out the new Sharp Plays where we’ve had exactly six losing days over the last seven weeks. That’s less than one losing day per week $$$!

It’s good to be The King. MAC out for now.



Congratulations to everyone who got on board to play baseball with me over the last two days as we continued to torch the diamond. Add a combined 5-2 on Wednesday and Thursday to the 12-2 run were already on, and those who are investing with me this baseball season are tearing up the basepaths at 17-4 and hitting a sick 81% Are you losing? Call 201-818-3028 and stop being a square. I’ll turn you into an instant Sharpie.


Congratulations to everyone who bought my NBA PLAYOFFS/BASEBALL SPECIAL through the Lovely Michelle at 201-818-3028 yesterday. We crushed the baseball and the Books again with a 4-1 night and banged the MONSTER . My vicious diamond dusting improved to 21-5.
First we murder them for +397 UNITS since February…
and now this amazing beginning to our usual hardball dominance.

If you’re not playing with me… then you don’t like money.

I’ll have some early consensus on this page on Saturday, and will be posting your full report later at 800-889-8083.
MAC out for now…


The profits poured over he +400 UNIT mark last week as the baseball burial continues (3-0 again on Friday Night). If you are not playing BRIAN MAC BASEBALL and NBA PLAYOFF HOOPS… you are missing the boat… cooking without heat… spinning your wheels and lost in the woods. We are going for the +500 UNIT THRESHOLD and will get there very soon. Only question is… will you be there to profit with me and the rest of my PRIVATE INVESTORS CLUB members?

Here is your early Sports Service Consensus report… I’ll be posting a TOP PLAY ROUND-UP later at 800-889-8083 and will send out a tweet when it’s ready. MAC OUT FOR NOW


H&H Sports MLB Triple Dime Blue Jays, NBA Double Dime Under Pacers


Rocketman – Triple Dime Raptors


Vegas Sports Informer – 3 Units – Take Houston -200 over Portland (Series Wager)


Joe Gavazzi – 2% Raptors


King Creole – Dime Pacers


Sweet Jones 55 – Raptors


Andre Gomes – 3 units (Single Dime Play) Under Nets/Raptors


EZ Winners – 5* Series Raptors


Vegas Betting Experts – 1* Raptors, Warriors – Sunday 1* Trailblazers, Wizards


Dunkel (NBA) – Nets & Over, Clippers & Under, Pacers & Under, Thunder & Over


Sports Wagers – Series Raptors


Anthony Michael (YouWinNow) – Over Clippers


ScLiveDogs – Cardinals


LA Syndicate – NBA Under Raptors, Under Clippers, MLB Giants, Over Angels, Under A’s


Chicago Syndicate – NBA Raptors (ML), Thunder, Under Pacers, MLB Cardinals, Reds, Blue Jays, Yankees, Over White Sox, NHL Blackhawks


Sports Nostradamus (142-76 last 218 & 5-0 Double Plays) – MLB Cardinals, Braves & Under, Giants, Blue Jays, Mariners


Hondo – Reds, Yankees


SB Professor MMA Picks

Brad Tavares (-120) over Yoel Romero

Fabricio Werdum (+195) over Travis Browne


Mikey Sports – Triple Dime Grizzlies


Tom Freese – Top Play Grizzlies


Pure Lock – MLB Orioles


R&R Totals – Under Brewers


Red Dog Sports – NHL Top Play Blue Jackets


Jim Feist – NBA Under Thunder


Heath Mac – Mac Attack’s 2* NBA Play on Atlanta Hawks


Doc Sports – 1* Under Nets


Andre Ramirez – NHL Penguins


Marc Lawrence – 1* Tigers


Tony Karpinski (3g Sports) – Clippers


MLB Crusher – Play of the Day Royals, Regular Rays, Padres, Tigers


NHL Crusher – Play of the Day Blackhawks, Regular Blue Jackets & Over, Wild


NBA Crusher – Play of the Day Grizzlies, Regular Under Nets, Warriors & Over


2Halves2Win – Over Nets, Over Pacers, Over Thunder


Maddux Sports – 10* Clippers & Over


Cappers Access – Raptors, Reds, White Sox


Dunkel (NHL) – Blackhawks & Under, Blue Jackets & Over, Wild & Under


Bob Balfe – Over Rangers


StatFox – Padres, Nets, Thunder & Under


Chase Diamond – 10* Nationals


Paul Leiner – 100* Over Grizzlies, Nationals, 50* Reds


Brandon Lang – 50 Dime Nets


Real Deal Sports Picks – 1000* Tigers, 500* Blue Jays, Cardinals


Allen Eastman – Rays


RTG Sports – 2* Warriors, 1* Raptors, Hawks, Thunder


Linecatchers – Pacers, Clippers & Over


Marc Lawrence – 3* Pacers, Giants


Doc Sports – 8* Clippers


Scott Spreitzer Afternoon Annihilator – Royals, Dime Orioles


Sean Murphy – 10* Phillies


Spartan – Dime Cubs


JR ODonnell – Dime Raptors


Bryan Leonard – Dime Nationals


Mighty Quinn – Nets


Cleveland Insider – 5* Grizzlies, Indians, Penguins


Jeff Scott – 3* Reds, Parlay A’s/Dodgers, 2* Over Nationals, 1* Over Tigers


River City Sharps – 3* Cardinals


Mike Shuttlesworth Sports – 4* MLB Game of the Month Giants, 3* Rays


Prophet Plays – Raptors & Over, Over Clippers


Rich Sports – 3* Under Pacers, Under Clippers, Tigers, 1* Pirates


WWP Sports – Raptors, Clippers, Hawks, Over Thunder, Under Royals, Blue Jays


Diamond Dog Sports – Mets, Cardinals, Over Phillies, Over Indians – - Over Thunder, Hawks


JDWarriors – 1* Over Clippers


John Fina – Cubs


Tony Mathew – Dodgers (RL)


Dave Price – Underdog Shocker Mets


Charlie Scott – Giants


Bryan Power – Pacers


Masterline Sports – Over Tigers


Sports Book Edge – Over Twins


Priority Sports Info- Dodgers


TDS Pucks & Dunks – Cardinals


John Ryan – 5* Pirates


Jimmy Boyd – 3* Indians


Kenny Towers – Over Thunder


Nevada Sharpshooter – Diamondbacks


Huddle Up Sports – Over Warriors


Arthur Ralph Sports – Rays


Vegas Steam Line – Giants


High Stakes Syndicate – Yankees



966 MLB 30* Cleveland Indians

979 MLB 30* Seattle Mariners

953 MLB 20* Cincinnati Reds

76 NHL 30* Colorado Avalanche


Psychic Sports – 5* Nets


The Wizard – 8* Nets, 7* Pacers, 6* Angels


JT Walker – Diamondbacks


Totals4U – 69% Over Clippers, 67% Under Pacers


Iceman – 2* Blues, Penguins, 1* Wild


Genius – 9* MLB Underdog GOM Padres, 8* Grizzlies, 7* Arena Football Arizona


Sports Advisors – 8* Indians, Over Orioles


Michael Cash Money – 8* Warriors, 7* Pacers


The Sports Report – 10* Nationals (NL GOY)


Kelso – 50* Raptors