If You’re Not With Us You’re Losing

You might be a loser...

If you judge the value of a Sports Service by how much they charge, and then over-bet to justify those charges… you might be a loser.

If you ever wager on a sporting event based on whether it’s on TV or not, you are a couch potato… but you’re also a loser.

If your friends lock you in the bathroom and call you Mush… ask Robert De Niro what you are.

If you believe a man who says “I paid half a million to own this game” and that same man tells you he’s betting five million on the game, but then offers to sell you the game for $100… you’re a gullible loser.

If you have ever uttered the words “I trust you” to a bookie… then you’re a loser who doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.

If you ever wake up, on the floor with a hangover, and can’t remember what the Hell you bet the night before… you’re a drunken loser.

If you believe a selector who tells you “ you can bet everything you own on this game”… you’re a homeless loser.

If you pay 100 dollars for a game, and then bet 100 dollars on the game. You’re a loser who should have a serious talk with himself.

Don’t be a loser… become a BRIAN MAC PRIVATE INVESTOR.. and start winning today!


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  • Anther OPEN ENDER romp last night. Now +82 OEO'S since September & 27-9 on the diamond. Today's goes early at 1.10PM. http://t.co/AborBJAu0S

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  • Our only afternoon HOTSIDE cashes easily. Now 17-3 for the week. If you're not playing with me, you don't like money. OPEN ENDER goes 2nite.

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  • With Zero losing options this week, Sharp Plays is locked & loaded for a Saturday assault. All Options GUARANTEED! http://t.co/AborBJAu0S

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  • With the 4-0 Friday, we're are now 16-3 for just this week. Another OPEN ENDER in the bank. Now +81 OEO since September on the road to +100.

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It’s the last day of July. The summer is rapidly coming to end, and I am busy maximizing our baseball profits and building that bankroll big and  fat. MAC BOMBERS are already e 12-3  for this week heading into Friday night action with OPEN ENDERZ an another amazing 26-9 roll and +80 GAMES since last September. My goal is to cash my one hundredth OPEN ENDED ORDER before the calendar turns in September .Football is just about ten days a way, so I’ve posted a message on the free line at 800-889-8083, sort of a “state of the service” report. Just to explain where I’ve been, and what I have planned for the upcoming season. You might be interested in a special offer I’ve posted that gets you all the Preseason and August baseball FREE. I think I can explain better than I could ever write it down, so listen free on tape at 800-889-8083.

It’s going to be another legendary year. It would be a pleasure to have you on my winning team again.




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