If You’re Not With Us You’re Losing

You might be a loser...

If you judge the value of a Sports Service by how much they charge, and then over-bet to justify those charges… you might be a loser.

If you ever wager on a sporting event based on whether it’s on TV or not, you are a couch potato… but you’re also a loser.

If your friends lock you in the bathroom and call you Mush… ask Robert De Niro what you are.

If you believe a man who says “I paid half a million to own this game” and that same man tells you he’s betting five million on the game, but then offers to sell you the game for $100… you’re a gullible loser.

If you have ever uttered the words “I trust you” to a bookie… then you’re a loser who doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.

If you ever wake up, on the floor with a hangover, and can’t remember what the Hell you bet the night before… you’re a drunken loser.

If you believe a selector who tells you “ you can bet everything you own on this game”… you’re a homeless loser.

If you pay 100 dollars for a game, and then bet 100 dollars on the game. You’re a loser who should have a serious talk with himself.

And finally, if you get a call right before game time, from a man who says he hits 78 percent winners, and you don’t ask him “Why are you wasting your time calling me… go bet your own games,” then you just might, just maybe…you might be a loser

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  • Attention All MAC BOMBERS and Sharp Plays BBC Buyers from Wednesday. We are hammering a HOTSIDE at 6PM. Call the Playline before kickoff!

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  • People keep asking when I'm going to bust open BMIC for the 2014 season. The answer is posted here. Scroll down. http://t.co/4MlrQbuP03

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  • MAC BOMBERS... please check the Playline. We have a CFL MONSTER to hammer in 4.05PM action. It's posted now.

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  • August Football is now 23- 12 and my OPEN ENDERS are 8-3 since the Break. My XNFL GAME OF THE YEAR goes tonight http://t.co/AborBJAu0S

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Rather than begin a new season of BMIC with a half empty Grid on a short card of College Football, I am going to delay the official Grand Opening till Thursday September 4TH. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the incredible results our “Top 12 Sources” achieved over last year’s seven month BMIC season.


Any ONE of these sources would be an incredible value and worth the price of admission alone. But to get ALL of them and much more every single night for $195 per month? Priceless. 

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