If You’re Not With Us You’re Losing

You might be a loser...

If you judge the value of a Sports Service by how much they charge, and then over-bet to justify those charges… you might be a loser.

If you ever wager on a sporting event based on whether it’s on TV or not, you are a couch potato… but you’re also a loser.

If your friends lock you in the bathroom and call you Mush… ask Robert De Niro what you are.

If you believe a man who says “I paid half a million to own this game” and that same man tells you he’s betting five million on the game, but then offers to sell you the game for $100… you’re a gullible loser.

If you have ever uttered the words “I trust you” to a bookie… then you’re a loser who doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.

If you ever wake up, on the floor with a hangover, and can’t remember what the Hell you bet the night before… you’re a drunken loser.

If you believe a selector who tells you “ you can bet everything you own on this game”… you’re a homeless loser.

If you pay 100 dollars for a game, and then bet 100 dollars on the game. You’re a loser who should have a serious talk with himself.

And finally, if you get a call right before game time, from a man who says he hits 78 percent winners, and you don’t ask him “Why are you wasting your time calling me… go bet your own games,” then you just might, just maybe…you might be a loser

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Going Going GONE!

Actually we’re just getting started.

Baseball is off to a tremendous and fast start. We’ve hit twelve of fourteen (12-2) heading into Wednesday action, including a 6-0 across the board sweeps for Monday and Tuesday combined. If you’re not playing my baseball, you’re a “gambler” and not an investor. I used to be a huge fan, but ever since they started flashing obnoxious advertisements behind the catcher, I haven’t been able to enjoy watching baseball games anymore. That ruined it for me. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn down the free money. Baseball + NBA Playoff Basketball = Huge Profits and with that +397 UNIT bankroll we’ve built up since February… we might as well go for the throat.

Remember, baseball is truly different. It’s the only game with no point-spread and no clock.
All you have to do is win the game, and you only pay juice if you lose. Pitching is 70% of the game. It’s a Statistician’s dream and I’ve got the best “numbers guy” in the nation on my payroll, along with three of the most prolific baseball terrorists the world has ever seen. You can’t lose and won’t lose if you play hardball with me. I have an NBA PLAYOFF & BASEBALL PACKAGE available now that gets you all my MOVES through July at a hefty discount… or just commit yourself to following my winning program for three months, and I’ll take a $100 off my monthly memberships rates. You’ve got to be in it to win… so get “committed” at 201-818-3028 and let’s continue to bash your Bookie like a rented mule.

You’ll find Thursday Sports Service Consensus HERE this week. Saturday at 800-889-8083….and don’t forget to check out the new Sharp Plays where we’ve had exactly six losing days over the last seven weeks. That’s less than one losing day per week $$$!

 It’s good to be The King. MAC out for now.

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