If You’re Not With Us You’re Losing

You might be a loser...

If you judge the value of a Sports Service by how much they charge, and then over-bet to justify those charges… you might be a loser.

If you ever wager on a sporting event based on whether it’s on TV or not, you are a couch potato… but you’re also a loser.

If your friends lock you in the bathroom and call you Mush… ask Robert De Niro what you are.

If you believe a man who says “I paid half a million to own this game” and that same man tells you he’s betting five million on the game, but then offers to sell you the game for $100… you’re a gullible loser.

If you have ever uttered the words “I trust you” to a bookie… then you’re a loser who doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.

If you ever wake up, on the floor with a hangover, and can’t remember what the Hell you bet the night before… you’re a drunken loser.

If you believe a selector who tells you “ you can bet everything you own on this game”… you’re a homeless loser.

If you pay 100 dollars for a game, and then bet 100 dollars on the game. You’re a loser who should have a serious talk with himself.

Don’t be a loser… become a BRIAN MAC PRIVATE INVESTOR.. and start winning today!


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  • Cigar Game Alert. Teheran pitches a two hitter and Braves roll 10-1. May, June & July are the money months on the baseball diamond. KABOOM!

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  • Both baseball MONSTERS go KABOOM this afternoon. DOM BARRESE is on a 8-2 MLB run & his Thursday SLAM goes out FREE! http://t.co/AborBJAu0S

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  • MAC Clients. Two afternoon baseball MONSTERS go in 10 minutes. Get them off the Playline now.

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  • Mac Baseball Investors, I got one early HOTSIDE for Wednesday afternoon. The A'S (With Gray) for the first 5 innings -147. Goes in 10 min.

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Latest From the Blog

We Massacred Madness, now here’s an offer you can’t refuse….

I told you we would kill “the real March Madness” which began two weeks before the Big Dance, and we did Bang. Completely destroyed it. I told you we would hammer the NCAA, NIT and CIB tournaments and we did. We hit the Side and Total of the National Championship Game together while everyone else was backing  Wisconsin and Under like they knew the final score. We nailed 6 of the last 7 OPEN ENDERS with All OPEN ENDED ORDERS finishing 44-23 for the tournament season and a sick plus +68 GAMES since September. All in all, my customers got +43 more wins than loses for the tournament season while crushing the BIG GAME HUNTER ALERTS as usual, as we complete our third straight year of Bookie domination in the mad moonlight.

So what’s next? What does BRIAN MAC have up his sleeve? What do we do for an encore? Win baby win.  How can we destroy your man in April like we did in February and March? Three words. Baseball and NBA Playoffs. But there’s a catch. Coming off another 2-0 NBA sweep last night, the best time to crush NBA Hoops, and I mean the most profitable time of all is the NBA Playoffs where every game matters, and that  begins on Saturday April 18TH nine days from now. And Major League Baseball? You can’t really bash it too hard like we like to, until the starters are able to last 7 or 8 innings. Right now, if you’re not extremely careful and selective, you wind up having the bullpens blow it for you sometimes. Now, I ain’t saying there aren’t plays to be had and money to be made, but we go a little light and don’t really dive in head first until… well coincidently around April 18, nine days from now. So here’s my offer you shouldn’t refuse.

We killed 50 Unit February Guaranteed. We massacred the real March Madness and annihilated the tournament season. Now we will decimate the NBA Playoffs and go diamond mining in Major League baseball action, as we take full advantage of two of the strongest money making opportunities there are, and I want you with me. So here’s what I’m going to do. Here’s the offer no Sharpie should pass up. Sign up for a month of NBA Playoffs and MLB HOTSIDES for just $295. You heard right… that’s $100 off right there. You’ll get all the 7 Unit MONSTERS and 10 UNIT OPEN ENDERS and zero 5 Unit plays as I have eliminated them completely. You’ll have access to the digital phone system, and as an added bonus and for the first time ever, I will have the plays texted to your smart phone so you’ll never miss a HOTSIDE no matter where you are or what you’re doing. AND on top of all that, I will COMP you nine days of FREE service. The clock doesn’t start ticking on your one month membership till Saturday April 18th. So you get $100 Off… All 7 UNIT MONSTERS and 10 UNIT OPEN ENDERS included …9 Free Days… and everything texted to your smart phone. No excuses why you shouldn’t be winning with me.

Do I kill it every day? No. that’s why I make crazy offers like these, to get you playing smart over the long term so you can see what beating the house is truly about. There are no mortal locks or “can’t lose” games no matter what any idiot tells you.  But there are high percentage situations to exploit, and big game hunter alerts that win hugely over time. My long term clients know from personal experience. That’s what BRIAN MAC SPORTS is about. If you want in, call the lovely Michelle at 201-818-3028 and get yourself committed to the best winning program on earth. It’s a great deal. .

So it’s MAC out for now. Gentlemen lets squeeze their nuts together for the next five weeks and beyond. I’ll make a believer out of you if you do it my way. You’ll become your Bookie’s worst nightmare and command the respect a shrewd man like you deserves. So get aboard at 201-818-3028 and let’s make em keep paying us like a broken slot machine. This is BRIAN MAC signing off. Peace.

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