If You’re Not With Us You’re Losing

You might be a loser...

If you judge the value of a Sports Service by how much they charge, and then over-bet to justify those charges… you might be a loser.

If you ever wager on a sporting event based on whether it’s on TV or not, you are a couch potato… but you’re also a loser.

If your friends lock you in the bathroom and call you Mush… ask Robert De Niro what you are.

If you believe a man who says “I paid half a million to own this game” and that same man tells you he’s betting five million on the game, but then offers to sell you the game for $100… you’re a gullible loser.

If you have ever uttered the words “I trust you” to a bookie… then you’re a loser who doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.

If you ever wake up, on the floor with a hangover, and can’t remember what the Hell you bet the night before… you’re a drunken loser.

If you believe a selector who tells you “ you can bet everything you own on this game”… you’re a homeless loser.

If you pay 100 dollars for a game, and then bet 100 dollars on the game. You’re a loser who should have a serious talk with himself.

Don’t be a loser… become a BRIAN MAC PRIVATE INVESTOR.. and start winning today!


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Latest From the Blog

Historic 6-1 OPEN ENDER WEEKEND! Bookie’s PISSED!

The Friday Night HOTSIDE won easily, now 14-3 the last two years, and I cashed another  TWITTER HIT on Saturday as well. TWIT HITS are 22-12 in 2014, 43-26 last 18 months, 57-35 the last 2 years and & 67-40 lifetime. Never trust anybody who doesn’t win their freebies. The free plays are the showroom… why would you buy the car if the one on the fancy marble floor was a dilapidated old heap of junk?

It was three weeks ago when I had a rare TRIPLE OPEN ENDER Saturday and swept the board. A week later I experienced my first ever TRIPLE OPEN ENDER NFL SUNDAY, and came within a few seconds and a kneel down of sweeping again, only to settle for 2-1 after Andy Reid showed the world what a little toad he is.

This past weekend, the weekend that just was… we made history and I’ll never forget it.  Never have I EVER had anything close to SIX OPEN ENDED ORDERS in one day. My Monster Mash-up  buyers were scratching their heads. Top Play Club Members were texting me back asking if they read right. Private Investors were calling the office. Having that many BIG GAME HUNTER ALERTS in one day is not comfortable for me, but when the games are there, I sure as hell am  going to let them rip.

When all was said and done we nailed FIVE of the six OPEN ORDERS on Saturday. The 7 Unit MONSTERS absolutely killed as well. What a humongous day we had! On Sunday, I dropped one more megaton bomb on the juice joints, completing an astounding 6-1 OPEN ENDER WEEKEND and folks… as far as gambling is concerned… that’s as good as it gets.

When you can hit 70% of your 10 UNIT PLAYS over many years… and crack 60% with your 7 UNIT FRANKENSTEINS you become a real threat to your Bookie’s livelihood. You are instantly his worst nightmare come true and guess what? You will never do that without my help. Forget these idiots that tell you that you’re just as good as any professional. Really? Those Dudes are all paying the man this week… and if you’re not with me, then you probably are too.

My Private Investors, Top Play Clients and BMIC members are all collecting envelopes overstuffed with cash again this week. It’s time to get sharp and become an instant “2 Percenter.” Those proud few who beat the pencil pushers like a rented mule. You should have done it last week. Don’t let another week go by, call the office at 201-818-3028 or take a look at the SPECIALS I’m running and become a Bookie Busting MAC BOMBER before another big weekend of winning passes you by.

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